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Finding that perfect GP to help navigate the next phase of your healthcare journey...

General Practitioners - Specialists in Life

Having your own specialist GP is essential to your health and well-being. Because each GP has their particular strengths and style of practice, finding one who suits your personality and circumstances can involve some trial. However, it will feel like a perfect match once you've found the right person!

I have compiled a list of GPs and clinics I highly recommend in the Geelong Region, specifically tailored to my patient cohort. This is not an exhaustive list, as there are many other noteworthy GPs and clinics that I couldn't include due to space limitations. What fits one person doesn't necessarily mean it will work for the next!

I hope this serves as a good starting point for my patients who did not have a chance to discuss a handover plan before I left private practice. Please accept my deepest gratitude for your confidence and trust in me these past years. When our paths cross again one day, we will have many stories and fond memories to share. Take care!

Banksia Medical Centre is home to many excellent specialist General Practitioners. Specifically for patients who in the past needed my assistance with disordered eating, Dr Ella Aston has kindly offered to continue care.

Eating disorders require complex multidisciplinary care and highly skilled care coordination and decision-making. Dr Aston and I arranged to meet regularly during the transition period to ensure continuity of care. This arrangement is difficult to replicate with other providers.

Dr Deepa Chinnachamy has extensive women's health credentials. She kindly agreed to take over my patients who need shared antenatal care.

Dr Ern Chang was my first GP mentor as a medical student in 2010. His role model was a significant reason why I became a GP. Fast forward about a decade later, he now runs a GP clinic that is the envy of the town.


Dr Ern Chang was voted Geelong's Best GP 2019. He is joined by Dr Catherine Eitringham (in my opinion, she was the finest medical educator who ever taught me), Dr Yota Yoshimishu (a very kind and well-rounded GP) and Dietitian Michelle Funk (one of the very few eating disorder-qualified dietitians).

My training as a GP Registrar in the Geelong Region began in 2017 under the mentorship of Dr Ganes Kunjidapaadum.

He was a very caring mentor and ran an efficient clinic that delivered high-quality care and value to his patients.

I received feedback from patients and colleagues that the clinic continued flourishing, attracting more highly qualified and caring doctors and opening a second branch in Hamlyn Heights.

The location of the clinics would suit many of my patients who live in the northern part of Geelong. They also offer family planning services, which is a critical service.

Kardinia Health is a super-clinic located in Belmont. Dr Nic Brayshaw is considered a leader in Gender Medicine amongst his peers in the Geelong Region.

As a super-clinic, Kardinia Health is a training clinic with a relatively high turnover of doctors-in-training. However, the advantage of being a large training site is that most services, including those usually needing specific skills, are generally available here. These include sexual health, family planning, gender medicine, AOD and many others.

Kardinia Health also has integrated allied health and pharmacy services, which might suit some patients.

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